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Katharina Grosse has given the Gagosian, London, a psychedelic makeover.

The prolific German artist, whose previous exhibition spots include the world-renowned MoMA in New York as well as South London Gallery - London, often combines architecture, sculpture and painting in her works.

Well known for her daringly large installations, ‘Prototypes of the Imagination’ is immense. You feel like you’re walking through an ocean of colour and shapes, tessellating and colliding into one another. Imagine being stuck inside a kaleidoscope - there you have it.

The show is a journey into the artistic mind. As you make your way around ‘Prototypes’, your perspective constantly changes, mirroring the spontaneous movement of the artists mind as it transforms idea into art. Grosse makes her presence as the artist clear by leaving behind stencil marks, as well as unapologetic smudges of paint.

On until: July 27th
Price: Free Entry

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