Our Values

Our mission is simple. Do good things. That's why all the products we make, every relationship we foster and each system we follow should abide by our values. 

· We only use renewable materials. It just makes sense. No single-use plastic, sustainable wood sources, no harmful chemicals, all recyclable and all ethically sourced.*

· Your data is protected. We only ask for your email, address, name and phone number if you order from us. And we never, ever share it. Read more.

· We don't deal in spam. If you give us permission to email you - we will only email you when we run a flash sale (it's the only way to find out about them). They're very irregular and occasional. You won't receive anything else from us. Ever.

· Everyone deserves a slice. We only work with suppliers who have policies and programs in place that ensure workers are treated fairly and paid well.

· Pay your dues. We believe in supporting our economy. We're based in the UK which means we pay VAT and all other appropriate business taxes.

· Quality over quantity. We don't flood the market. We work to make sure our products are represented only in the best boutiques. 


*We still have some products packaged in what we cannot guarantee is recyclable. And have replaced where possible.